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Our graduates at Social Hackers Academy (SHA) are set to take their next career move and solve your company needs. Through our 7 month coding bootcamp our students acquire soft & hard skills to become your next junior dev. Click below to get to know them!

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About Us

since 2017

Social Hackers Academy is a coding school for refugees and other vulnerable groups. We started in September 2017 and since then we’ve run 11 Full Stack Web Development cohorts.

We’ve also supported / consulted other NGOs to run coding schools in Belgium, Spain, Lebanon, Aman, Chile etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide access to tech education for refugees and vulnerable groups  in order to secure a future proof career once they graduate.

Our Vision

We want to help create a world where solidarity prevails and everyone enjoys equal opportunities, in having access to education and the labour market.

Our social impact numbers




Our Bootcamp


Over 400 senior developers have been part of our project in the last 3 years, delivering support and knowledge to more than 78 students.

We have a unique pedagogical approach that provides technical and soft skills during the whole process. Our educational journey at SHA is based on peer-to-peer learning, where students have the freedom to learn at their own pace, always supported by a mentor.

Project Based learning with mentoring support

Front End: Javascript, React, HTML/CSS

Back End: Ruby on Rails, Mongo DB, Node.JS

Computer Science: Algorithms and Complex Structures

Acquired collaborative & soft skills

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